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Are you looking for a commercial cleaning company? Affordable cleaning services for your home? Reliable office cleaning services? When you choose NeedClean as your cleaning company, you get much more than a standard cleaning. You’re getting full cleaning services from a licensed, insured and experienced cleaning company that uses the highest quality standards.

Our consistency in cleaning has been created by over 32 years of experience in commercial and residential cleaning. Our employees are certified cleaners that use the latest state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to clean your facility. Our commercial and residential cleaning services are priced accordingly to meet all cleaning needs and budgets. We are also known for our superior customer service.

Start getting the best cleaning your company or home deserves, call us now at 1-800-921-1218.

Most Recent Testimonial
I am very happy that I chose NeedClean to clean my air ducts and dryer vent with, professional and courteous technicians. All my friends and co-workers have heard my positive comments about your company. Many Thanks!
Donna M.

NeedClean came to our house on time and did a great job cleaning our air ducts. We can tell the difference in our house. We had a lot of dust and we haven’t had a problem since.
Robin S.

Our dryer dries clothes twice as fast since NeedClean cleaned it. We also had them come out a few months later and they used a truck mount with a big hose to clean our air ducts. They did a great job.
Mark C.

They power washed our deck and cleaned my chimney as soon as they got here. Our deck looks like new and chimney is working great. Now I’m enjoying myself back on the deck enjoying the sun.
Sheila L.